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 Application to Vampyre

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Application to Vampyre Empty
PostSubject: Application to Vampyre   Application to Vampyre EmptyWed Dec 09, 2009 1:44 pm

Please fill out this application and make a NEW topic with your name in it in this section.

What is your in-game name and ID?

What is your Army Size?

Do you have MSN? if so please provide below.

What do you expect to gain.lose coming into VAMPYRE?

Do you have anyone with whom you are close with in VAMPYRE?

What alliances have you been part of?

Why did you leave your old alliance?

Please tell us about your game-style (IE How do you like to play the game)...

May I ask your Age?

Do you have any enemies? If so tell us, will this affect our alliance?

Do you mind war? (We are a war alliance)

Thank you for applying to Vampyre

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Application to Vampyre
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